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Please fill out the details to get a price estimate. We will contact you within one business day of placing your request. Prices do not include paint or wallpaper costs. The price of the paint is roughly 15 - 20% of the final estimate. Payment will be made upon completion of the job; no prepayment is required.

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1. How does it work?

After entering a few details in our online calculator, one of our experienced managers will get in touch with you to go through the details of the job. After receiving your confirmation, we will allocate the most suitable painter for your job. We can start painting the next day. After the job is finished we will check your satisfaction and send you the payment details.

2. What if I’m not happy with the result of the painting?

There will be a manager assigned to your job from beginning to end. In case you have any questions or find shortcomings in the work, please contact your request manager who will gladly assist you in facilitating communication with the painter to address any concerns or resolve issues. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and therefore, value your feedback.

3. What if I need to paint something very specific or uncommon?

If you have something extra to be painted and it is not included in the online calculator (eg. staircase, exterior) please write it in the notes and send us photos on

4. When are you available to start painting?

We have the largest network of local painters in Brooklyn and Charlotte and therefore, can start at your earliest convenience, even tomorrow!

5. How can you ensure the quality?

We thrive to provide the best quality therefore we only collaborate with high-quality painters. We take feedback from customers very seriously and have a strict policy of only cooperating with professionals.

6. Is the examination necessary?

We want to save your time and there is no need for examinations. Based on our experience we can price most of the requirements over the phone. In case you have a specific requirement, please send us photos and we can provide the price within a few minutes.

7. How does the payment work?

After the painting is finished you will check the place with the painter and if you are happy with the result you will sign a handover protocol with them. Afterwards we will issue a payment request with all the details. Payments happen only through bank transfer.

8. What to take into consideration when estimating the cost of painting the interior of a house?

Many factors (including labor rates in your area) can influence how much you end up paying for interior painting services. First and foremost, the size of the total surface area plays a significant role. Larger homes with more rooms, higher ceilings, and expansive walls require more paint and additional labor to cover the extra surfaces. Moreover, surfaces like doors, windowsills, trim, and molding necessitate extra time and effort, potentially leading to increased costs. Secondly, the condition of the interior surface is paramount, as extensive preparation, such as wall leveling, crack and hole patching, and surface cleaning, can incur added labor and material expenses. The type of paint chosen also influences the cost, with different finishes and brands having varying price points. Flat/matte paints tend to be more affordable, while high-gloss paints can be pricier. Additionally, the time of year can affect costs, with lower demand in winter possibly resulting in reduced prices.

9. How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

As explained in the question before there are several variables taken into consideration when creating a price for interior painting. When comparing prices from different providers always keep in mind what is included. Price can be usually divided into labor and material cost. Adam´s price for labor only for painting a room varies from $500 to $600 (based on the size without repairs or woodwork). Painting an average apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 hallway (around 650 sq.ft) costs around $1340 (labor only, no repairs, no woodwork). Cost of the material can be easily calculated as 15%-20% of the final estimate. Try Adam´s online calculator and compare prices with different scenarios for free!

10. Is it cheaper to paint your house's interior?

Painting your house's interior yourself can be cost-effective due to avoiding high labor costs and the potential for savings on materials. However, it's crucial to weigh the DIY pros and cons, such as the risk of pricey repairs from incorrect painting, safety concerns for high surfaces, time consumption, and the need to invest in additional materials and tools. Moreover, DIY painting won't come with a workmanship warranty, and any mistakes or resulting damages may not be covered by insurance. Try Adam´s online calculator for the best results and compare the prices for free!

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