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Why use Adam's painting services?


Quality is our top priority. Each of our partnered painters is an experienced professional who has been properly trained, whose identity we have verified, and who regularly receives great customer references.


Adam can secure quality painting services in the blink of an eye at a time that suits you. Simply let us know when you want to paint and we’ll arrange everything else. 


Our goal is to provide high-quality painting service at the best local prices. Our pricing is completely transparent and you can get an estimate in seconds with our online calculator.  


Every request is handled by one of our managers, who will contact you and stay available until the handover of your beautifully painted premises back to you.

We at Adam has modernized the craft of painting. Our mission is that a painting service should meet three basic criteria: quality, affordable price, and being available when it suits the customer. That's why our managers at Adam are here, matching the best painters in town with customers.

We make the entire painting process as simple and streamlined as possible from the initial contact with us to project completion. No protracted negotiations about dates or checking whether the painter is reliable and qualified. Adam takes care of everything for you.

At Adam, we value the craft of painting, which is why we have several thousand satisfied customers with perfectly painted flats, houses and offices in Brooklyn, NY and Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.


Quality and support

Every inquiry is handled by one of our managers, who will guide you through the entire order and remain available until the end of the job. Life can be somewhat unpredictable and so, in spite of our best efforts, complications can arise (the painter could unexpectedly fall ill or not show up for the job, or the results might not match your expectations). Whatever the case, please always let us know and we will do our best to find a solution to the satisfaction of both the customer and the painter. Our managers are available every business day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Best price

quality and support

Why are our prices lower than elsewhere? At Adam, we can make efficient use of our partnered painters’ time, meaning they do more painting and less paperwork that doesn’t make them money.

We have a lot of experience creating price estimates, meaning ours are accurate 95% of the time. If a painter arrives and finds that the condition of the walls is not as described (e.g. more repairs are needed), the price may need adjusting. Even so, the price is always stated by the painter in advance and indicated on the order form, which has to be signed by both the painter and the customer before work begins. If the price differs from the estimate and the customer does not agree with the new price, no work will be done and the customer will of course not need to pay anything. 

When the job is finished, a handover record is signed with both parties confirming that the job has been finished to their satisfaction. This forms the basis for billing the customer, and payment should be made within five days by bank transfer to our account.


Date flexibility and speedy service


How can we be so fast? The key is that at Adam, we have a large network of partnered painters. In other words, there won´t be just one but several dozen vetted professional painters in your city available on your chosen date.

Every enquiry is individually assessed and offered to the most suitable painter. The painter’s contact details are always sent to the customer a few days before the job is due to start.

Adam makes painting really easy, ensuring high quality work at a great price and at a time that works for your schedule.

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