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Tips on how to furnish your home in Scandinavian style!

The Scandinavian style remains a highly sought-after design trend, gaining increasing popularity. Whether you have a limited budget or a small living space, you can achieve a Scandinavian interior. Want to infuse your home with that cozy, light-filled, and modern Scandinavian vibe? Draw inspiration from the forthcoming tips for a Scandinavian living style that's sure to captivate you.

Scandinavian living style

What is the Scandinavian style?

If you embrace the philosophy of "beauty in simplicity" and "less is often more," then Scandinavian design is your perfect fit. This design style, rooted in northern Europe, wholeheartedly follows these principles. Functionality is key, beautifully intertwined with simplicity and minimalism, resulting in an elegant, modern, and delightful home.

Scandinavian interiors feature a balanced mix of furniture and decor—nothing excessive. The essence of Scandinavian design lies in enhancing our daily lives and finding contentment in what we already possess—no need for unnecessary expenses or clutter!

5 key factors in Scandinavian designs

The fundamental components of Scandinavian design, as previously mentioned, are multifunctionality, simplicity, and aesthetics. Nordic-style designs predominantly utilize natural materials, complemented by traditional patterns and occasional splashes of bright colors.

Minimalistic painting

Characteristics and Elements of Scandinavian Design:

  • Minimalistic aesthetics

  • Subtle and unobtrusive design

  • Light, neutral color palette

  • Toned-down dark shades evocative of the Nordic countryside

  • Airy spaces abundant in natural light

  • Wooden furniture and accents

  • Multifunctional and adaptable design

  • Comfort-oriented furniture

  • Presence of greenery and natural textiles

  • Steel or copper accents

  • Artworks as prominent features in rooms

5 Key Elements to Consider if You Want to Recreate this Style in Your Home:

1. Lighting

An essential consideration when embracing Nordic design in your home is lighting. Given the limited natural daylight experienced by Scandinavians during long winter periods, they prioritize optimizing the available light. Homes in Scandinavia are designed to maximize light absorption. It's advisable to steer clear of blinds or thick curtains that hinder natural light entry through windows. Instead, opt for translucent fabrics or light, airy curtains to achieve the desired breezy and modern design.

2. Color palette

To cater to the need for ample light, your color palette should center around neutral tones like white, gray, beige, and cream. If you're inclined to introduce some color, consider pastel shades like soft brown or light green. For accessories such as pillows, blankets, vases, or candles, subtle tones like mustard yellow or brick red can add a touch of color without overwhelming the design.

However, the cornerstone of a Scandinavian home is white, prevalent in most furniture, walls, and floors. Black-framed artwork stands out beautifully against white walls, offering definition to the space.

3. Natural materials

Nature undeniably stands as a primary muse when adorning spaces in a Nordic fashion. The preference lies in utilizing natural materials like wood, fur, leather, and wool, which hold a distinct position in Scandinavian decor. Wood takes form in floors, dining tables, and chairs, while fur and wool find their places in diverse carpets, bedspreads, and blankets.

In terms of motifs and patterns, Scandinavian home decor embodies simplicity. Wooden accents and floors can harmonize with metallic elements, infusing a contemporary touch into your home's design.

4. Simplicity

Scandinavians exhibit a penchant for restraint in their decorations, valuing craftsmanship above all. The selected accessories and adornments embrace simplicity, authenticity, and meticulous workmanship. Yet, this emphasis on quality doesn't render the Scandinavian-style home dull; its allure emanates from the beauty and integrity intrinsic to each chosen piece.

5. Functionality

Rather than accumulating unnecessary elements that gather dust, aim for a decluttered approach, prioritizing the practicality of your decor. Opt for functional pieces like multi-level shelves, mirrors, and folding tables with built-in storage.

Cleanliness and tidiness are fundamental to the Scandinavian style. If you have pets, investing in a reliable pet hair remover is a must.

Scandinavian style in the home

A little bit of green

Living room

Typically, a Scandinavian-style living room has wooden floors and follows a pale, natural colour palette, with white walls, large, spacious windows that flood the interior with natural light, and simple decorations that help create a light and airy space. Darker features, such as bold lighting, and designer furniture are also present in Nordic living rooms.

How to Achieve a Scandinavian Living Room Look:

  1. Declutter and remove unnecessary items from the room.

  2. Opt for white or light neutral wall colors if possible.

  3. Consider installing wooden floors for an authentic touch.

  4. Add a rug to create a cozy ambiance.

  5. Incorporate natural textiles like fur or wool into your furniture.

  6. Select a stylish floor lamp that provides ample light.

  7. Decorate shelves with a few simple and tasteful items.

  8. Display artwork on the walls to enhance visual appeal.

  9. Introduce muted blue accents to contrast with lighter shades.

  10. Incorporate earthy greens for a more natural and refreshing atmosphere.


A Scandinavian kitchen embodies simplicity and functionality. It boasts light shades, wooden surfaces, and clean lines as its key features. The focus is on elegant metal chairs, dark cabinets, patterned tiles, and carefully selected kitchenware and accessories.

How to design a Scandinavian kitchen:

  1. Opt for white or light neutral shades on the walls.

  2. Choose light cabinet colors for a brighter look or darker cabinets for a strong contrast.

  3. Use wooden flooring - you can opt for imitation wood or high-quality vinyl in a wood-like finish.

  4. Incorporate clever storage solutions for glasses and kitchen utensils.

  5. Hang a minimalist clock on the wall.

  6. Utilize a spacious wooden dining table paired with comfortable dining chairs to create a cozy family atmosphere.


Scandinavian bedroom designs focus on providing maximum comfort. Incorporating elements like natural textiles, warm blankets, a wooden floor, and a plush carpet can easily turn a bedroom into a peaceful oasis. To complete the Nordic-style bedroom, consider adding decorative features like wall art, plants, and maximizing natural light.

How to design a Scandinavian bedroom:

  1. Opt for a quality woollen bedspread for the bed.

  2. Choose a simple bedside table paired with a minimalist lamp.

  3. Incorporate decorations and materials in light neutral colors.

  4. Consider artwork for the walls, such as black and white photographs or typographies.

  5. Bring a touch of nature into the room by adding a plant or two.

  6. Keep the design simple and plain, while also considering some tasteful decorative elements.

Inspiration: Wardrobe choices often align with the Scandinavian style, featuring a capsule wardrobe with timeless clothing pieces, natural materials, and simple accessories like elegant watches, necklaces, and rings.


Similar to bedrooms and kitchens, Scandinavian bathroom design prioritizes simplicity and functionality. It typically features white walls and/or white tiles, wooden cabinets, or light furniture with wooden elements. Additionally, plants, shelving systems, and minimalist candlesticks are commonly incorporated in Scandinavian bathrooms.

Candle light

How can you achieve a Scandinavian-style bathroom?

  • White walls

  • Wall and floor tiles

  • Wooden furniture

  • Open shelves for storage and easy access to essentials

  • Minimalist lighting with metal elements

  • Scented candles

Children's bedroom

Don't overlook the need for a calming space for your little ones. The simple elegance of a Scandinavian-style children's room provides an ideal environment for kids and simplifies cleaning.

What should you include in a Scandinavian-inspired children's room?

  • Cozy wooden crib with neutral bedding

  • Multifunctional and practical furniture to save space

  • Simple toys made of natural materials

Outdoor area

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home where you can immerse yourself in nature and the surrounding landscape. Whether you have a garden or a balcony, seize the opportunity to craft the ideal oasis for your relaxation and comfort. Think of small tables and chairs adorned with linen cushions and abundant greenery. If you have the room, opt for hammocks and enhance them with a cozy bedspread or comfortable blankets.

Stylish combinations

Today, Scandinavian home design is often blended with other interior styles, creating appealing combinations:


A lively style, blending layers with a calm and cozy appearance. The color scheme is mainly monochromatic and neutral, like the decor seen in bohemian interiors.

Industrial Style

In this style, steel and chrome elements are juxtaposed with natural features, creating a striking contrast that imparts an airy and spacious feel to the spaces.

Japandi Style

Japandi style merges Scandinavian aesthetics with the naturalness of Japanese style. It features natural materials, clean lines, neutral colors, and minimal use of patterns.

Why is Scandinavian design so popular?

Scandinavian design is highly adaptable. It not only crafts bright and spacious interiors but also suits modern living areas, prioritizing simplicity, functionality, and timeless aesthetics, all while providing ample room for personal expression.



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