The colour of 2022

Welcome summer 2022! We hope that you are full of expectations, as we are in Adam, and believe that the summer 2022 will bring you only positive experiences. In past, we brought you many interesting articles about interior trends, instructions and ideas on how to paint. We introduced you to the decorative technique of painting and introduced you to how to optically enhance your room.

We have a lot of interesting blogs planned for you in summer 2022 and not only about painting. The current topic in the last few months in the field of painting and decorating was a special colour of 2022. As every year, this colour was determined by the Pantone® colour institute.

The colour of the year determined by Pantone® has been influencing product development and purchasing decisions in several industries for 22 years, including fashion and residential, graphic and industrial design.

According to Pantone®, selecting a colour of the year is a lengthy and intensive process, during which dozens of colour experts sit down, analysing the various trends and events in the world that the colour would represent next year. Trends that their experts get inspired by often include the entertainment and film industries, art, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, but also new lifestyles, or games. Inspiration for the colour of the year also comes from new technologies, materials, textures and effects, social media and even upcoming sporting events such as the Olympics, which attracted worldwide attention.

Veri Peri colour

The colour of 2022 is the so-called Very Peri. This year, the experts were strongly inspired by the current events in the world when choosing the colour, which is the fight against the pandemic. The colour should represent the feelings of the fight and at the same time inspire hope and motivation to move forward together in a better time. Because the global pandemic was an unexpected and socially unknown situation, Pantone® decided to highlight the uniqueness of the colour of 2022, and as the first colour in history, Very Peri was specially created and blended, not selected from the institute's swatches.

purple armchair

Creating a new colour Very Peri brings a new perspective and a fresh vision for the future thanks to the popular family of blue shades. Colour represents a joyful attitude and a dynamic presence encouraging courage and creativity. Very Peri includes the qualities of blue, but at the same time has a purple-red undertone, which looks generous and joyful. The evolution of Very Peri colour reflects ongoing global innovation and transformation. As society continues to recognize colour as a form of communication and a way to express and influence thoughts and emotions, the complexity of this new red-blue-purple shade highlights the vast possibilities that lie ahead in 2022.

purple wall in the interior

Very Peri colour will certainly be a big trend in fashion but also in interior design. The colour stands out beautifully on the wall, but we recommend painting only one wall in this area. Painting all the walls would significantly shrink the room.

However, if you would rather leave the painting to a professional, enter your question here on our website. After entering the request, you will immediately find out the estimated price and one of our managers will contact you within one working day and confirm all the details and answer any questions you might have.

purple interior decorations

You can incorporate Very Peri colour in your home also in the form of furniture such as a bench or wardrobe. If you are a little worried about this distinctive colour, try to incorporate it only gently by the form of candles, vases, glasses or flower pots at home. Alternatively, you can incorporate this shade into the fabric in the apartment in the form of bed linen or decorative pillows. It is certainly better to use this colour more carefully, according to the psychology of colours, many purple elements in the household can be depressing, especially for people more prone to sudden mood swings. On the contrary, the gentle use of purple elements will bring grandeur and positivity to the home.