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How to prepare for painting your room

Whether you hire professionals for painting or decide to take on the task yourself, thorough preparation is crucial. Sometimes, seeking assistance from experts is essential. Striking a balance between high quality and affordability can pose a challenge. Nobody wants to overspend on unnecessary items, and everyone looks for ways to save. Let's explore cost-effective methods to prepare your home before painting your walls.

Cleaning before painting?

It might sound odd, but thorough cleaning is vital before painting. Begin by addressing the furniture. You can either temporarily relocate it to other rooms or cluster it in the center of the room being painted. Anything left in the room should be properly covered, including the floors! Simply use cardboard pieces and protective film to shield your furniture (and your budget) from potential damage (and additional expenses).

painting of the living room

However, moving furniture can complicate the entire process, not only due to the time it consumes but also because furniture can be heavy or difficult to cover without proper materials. Some painters do offer these services, but they often come at a high cost. At Adam, they've set out to change this and make painting a more convenient experience for you. Their partnered painters are more than willing to assist with moving and covering furniture, and you won't see a significant increase in the final price.

Before starting the painting, ensure you clean the room thoroughly. Moving furniture can stir up dust and reveal hidden cobwebs lurking behind large pieces. It's a good practice to eliminate them. Fortunately, dusting doesn't require as much time and effort as moving the furniture itself. Once done, you can treat yourself to a drink at your favorite restaurant and celebrate your efforts!

damaged walls

Pre paint prep

If you expect a fresh coat of paint to solve all issues, think again—walls require proper preparation, especially older ones that may already have multiple layers of paint or old wallpaper. Thoroughly scraping the walls is crucial to remove previous coats. In certain cases, you may need to fill small cracks and address various imperfections. The objective is to achieve the smoothest possible surface for effective paint application. If your home's walls have significant damage, it's wise to seek expert advice and have them handle the repairs. However, if you're up for the challenge of fixing them yourself, be prepared for additional expenses added to the final cost of the painting job. You'll need to invest in several tools, including spatulas, trowels, and, of course, the filler itself to mend the holes.

interior paint

Repairing small holes or scratches is typically encompassed in the painting cost, but significant damages necessitate skilled and experienced painters to ensure a lasting fix. Without proper expertise, cracks may resurface within a few days or weeks. At Adam, they are well-equipped for such tasks, and their partner painters excel in handling extensive repairs. Reach out to them and witness their proficiency firsthand! They can arrange for a skilled painter to arrive at your doorstep promptly, delivering top-notch work at a fair and predetermined price.

Patience makes perfect

Painting rooms can be quite stressful, especially in a compact living space like a small apartment. Even a three-bedroom flat can suddenly feel like a cramped one-bedroom during painting preparations. When you decide to tackle the job yourself, there's the need to purchase all the necessary tools and equipment, not to mention selecting the right paint color.

However, finding a painter who can accommodate your specific requirements can be a challenging and demanding task. That's where Adam stands out. They offer a different experience—you get to choose your preferred starting date and time, and they adjust to your preferences. Their primary focus is to make the entire process stress-free and seamless for you. Their main goal is to deliver affordable, easily accessible, and high-quality painting services.

painting of the rooms

Now the decision is in your hands. If you decide to hire a painter, consider taking a short retreat to a cottage for a few days. This way, you won't have to worry about the inconvenience of being unable to move into your apartment. Painting is often smoother when you're not physically present. With peace of mind, you can enjoy a glass of wine and a barbecue while someone else takes on the hard work, and you'll return to a finished product.

On the other hand, if you choose to paint on your own, why not invite some friends to join you? Turn it into a pleasant event. What might seem like a dull task can become enjoyable for everyone, and you'll not only end up with a beautifully painted room but also unforgettable memories.



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