4 ways to optically enhance your room

We all know how the situation in the real estate market is today. Especially in larger cities, such as London or Birmingham, it is almost impossible to find a spacious apartment that would not be at the end of the city and would not cost us all our savings. We are often forced to settle for a smaller space in which we have to come up with creative compromises between what is still a design-acceptable solution, but at the same time it does not limit us too much in everyday life. In today's article, we will talk about how the interior can be optically extended without necessarily having to invest in larger spaces.

1. Let there be light

Plenty of light is the absolute key for increasing space. There are several ways to get more light into the interior - some are more expensive and more efficient, some are cheaper, but do not have such an effect. Undoubtedly, large windows are the most effective. Unfortunately, this is a great investment and if you are renting, it is not the best fit for you. Fortunately, there are also small solutions that are not so money consuming and in some interiors are perfect.

how to lighten the room

You should avoid any dark corners in the interior. Lamps and other lighting will help you with that. For example, you can use large chandeliers that draw attention to the ceiling, which is suddenly optically higher. You can also be creative here and reach for designer table lamps or cleverly place LED strips and your room will be full of light.

2. White, cream, light green!

Another simple trick to lighten the whole space is to simply paint it, both walls and ceilings. As for the ceilings, you will not make a mistake with a pure white ceiling. However, if you can afford a little color here, consider cool light colors such as light blue or light gray. These give the impression of high ceilings, because the color draws attention to itself.As for the walls, light shades such as aquamarine, conch, lilac or ivory or simply white or cream are especially suitable for these. You can also play with how many walls you paint in color and leave the rest white. We recommend painting the ceiling together with the walls on which you have placed the window. This will strengthen the impression that the most light comes from the window and visually enlarge the wall.

interior design

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3. Smart with multifunctional furniture

Interiors that are completely filled with furniture optically reduce the space. Therefore it is desirable that the room will not be stacked with unnecessary things. However, this is not as easy, as it might seem. If you are not a fan of minimalism, you are probably surrounded by a lot of things, for which it is necessary to find suitable storage spaces. So how do you learn to use every inch smartly and stylishly? The answer is actually quite simple - just use multifunctional furniture!

bunker beds

Although it may not seem so at first glance, finding or even designing furniture can be a very creative and fun job. It will be enough for someone to buy a drawer and create storage space under the bed. However, someone can try to go even further and create a bunk bed with a small library or a couch under it, thus creating a relaxation zone. In some older apartments, we encounter a not entirely happy layout of the kitchen, where the basic appliances can barely fit. A wooden folding board can be used here, which can serve as a table or as an extra work surface.

4. Mirrors and other accessories

You've probably heard of the mirror trick a few times. And yes, we have to mention it here too. If you have small rooms, large mirrors can do great wonders and really visually enlarge the space. In addition, they can be used anywhere - as doors of large built-in cabinets, or instead of paintings as a decoration on the wall. But everything in moderation!

When it comes to other accessories, keep clarity. Lots of small accessories will overwhelm your interior. Rather choose the pieces that will be less. Think of the overall cleanliness and airiness of the space. Despite these limitations, you can be creative. Here we will offer you original ideas with accessories that everyone can try.

mirrors in the interior

You can use different colored carpets to help separate the individual living areas. You can frame the windows with long curtains from the ceiling to the ground. Not only is it a refined way to diversify the interior, but the curtains also optically enlarge the windows, which is exactly what you need. The last tip that aerates the whole space is furniture with admitted legs. Whether it's a couch, an armchair or even a bed, try to reach for pieces where you can see their feet exactly. It gives the impression that it floats above the floor, thus gaining the much-needed feeling of a large space.