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4 ways to optically enhance your room

We're all well aware of the current state of the real estate market. Particularly in major cities like New York, finding a spacious apartment that doesn't drain our savings and isn't situated on the city's outskirts is nearly impossible. More often than not, we're compelled to settle for a smaller space and come up with creative compromises to maintain a design-friendly ambiance without significantly constraining our daily lives. In this article, we'll delve into techniques to visually expand the interior without the necessity of investing in a larger space.

1. Let there be light

Ample light is the fundamental factor for enhancing the sense of space. There are numerous methods to introduce more light into the interior, ranging from pricier and highly effective options to more budget-friendly alternatives that may not yield the same impact. Undoubtedly, large windows top the list in terms of effectiveness. However, this constitutes a significant investment, and if you're renting, it might not be the most suitable choice. The good news is that there are smaller, budget-friendly solutions that can work wonders in certain interiors.

how to lighten the room

Steer clear of shadowy corners by incorporating well-placed lamps and other lighting fixtures. Opt for large chandeliers or standout lamps that direct focus toward the ceiling, creating the illusion of taller ceilings and consequently, a more expansive room. Let your creativity shine and don't hesitate to explore unconventional options! Whether it's an eccentric table lamp or the strategic use of LED strips, ensure every nook and cranny is well-lit. Remember, more light equals a more spacious feel!

2. White, cream, light green!

Another straightforward technique to brighten up your rooms is by giving them a fresh coat of paint, both on the walls and ceilings. For ceilings, a classic white is always a safe choice. However, if you're open to a hint of color, consider cool, light tones like baby blue or soft gray. These shades create the illusion of higher ceilings, as the color itself draws attention. When it comes to the walls, if you're opting for colors, go for light shades such as aquamarine, pastel pink, lilac, or ivory—they're always a good bet. If you prefer a more understated finish, white or cream are reliable options, preventing the room from feeling smaller. You can also mix things up by combining both approaches—paint one or two walls in color and leave the rest white. This lends a modern touch to your home without compromising the perception of space. Utilize the natural light from windows by painting the nearby walls and ceilings. This will create the impression of a larger room as the incoming light reflects off the painted surfaces.

interior design

If you're contemplating hiring a painter, step beyond your usual choices and explore the services offered by Adam. Adam stands out as a distinctive platform that swiftly links you with certified painters known for their professional approach. Your main considerations will revolve around selecting a color that aligns with your preferences and a date that suits your schedule. Adam takes care of all the rest. Within a day of placing your order, you can have a certified painter, ensuring quality, expertise, and the best price, right at your doorstep.

3. Smart with multifunctional furniture

Interiors filled with excessive furniture can visually shrink the space. Hence, I suggest removing unnecessary pieces of furniture or decor that might be counterproductive to your space. However, I understand this can be challenging, particularly for those not keen on minimalist designs. So, how can you maximize the space without compromising your personal style? The solution is straightforward! Opt for multifunctional furniture. This approach allows you to maintain a sense of home in your space while ensuring you're getting the most value for your investment!

bunker beds

Despite initial impressions, seeking or designing furniture can be a creative and enjoyable task. It can range from a simple act like purchasing drawers that fit neatly under your bed to create additional storage, to more complex DIY projects. For those eager to showcase their DIY skills, crafting a bunk bed with space below for a desk, couch, or coffee table is a challenging and rewarding venture. In many older apartments, the layout may not be entirely functional, lacking adequate space for modern appliances. In such cases, a folding wooden board can be a practical solution, easily attachable with two hinges. This setup allows for expanding counter space or even serving as a table when entertaining friends. The hinged design ensures effortless folding when not in use, optimizing space.

4. Mirrors and other accessories

You've probably come across the mirror trick a few times, and regrettably, I'll mention it here too! For small rooms, sizable mirrors can work wonders, significantly expanding the visual perception of space. Moreover, they are versatile and can be placed anywhere - on the doors of large built-in cabinets or in lieu of paintings on the wall. However, moderation is key!

In terms of other accessories, prioritize clarity. An abundance of small accessories can overwhelm your interior. It's best to opt for a few statement pieces that will capture your visitors' attention without creating excessive visual or physical clutter. Maintain an overall sense of cleanliness and spaciousness within the space. Despite these guidelines, you can let your creativity shine. Here are some easily accessible accessories that can impart a modern touch to your home.

mirrors in the interior

Using carpets of different colors can effectively define distinct living areas. You can frame the windows with long curtains that stretch from the ceiling to the floor; this will create the illusion of larger ceilings and windows. It's not only a sophisticated way to add variety to the interior but also visually enlarges the windows, which is precisely what you aim for. The last tip to visually expand your space and add depth to your rooms is to opt for furniture that is elevated off the ground! Whether it's a sofa, an armchair, or even a bed, try to find pieces that have visible "legs"—this gives the impression that the furniture is floating above the floor, imparting the much-needed sense of a larger space.



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